OrganicHouse at BIOFACH 2018

BIOFACH is the world’s largest trade fair for organic food. For years, they have been a platform for work in the international network and trade of the organic industry. The organic market, in the meantime being a permanent part of the food market, is still developing very dynamically.

14-16.02.2018 Centrum Targowe w Norymberdze
Messezentrum – Nürnberg



Tasty, Healthy and Natural
It is recommended for eating immediately before and after physical activity, as a healthy desert with no qualms, and as a regular part of your daily menu.

Choose ECO food – the differences are huge!
FRESH DATES MEDJOOL 100% BIO  with OrganicHousethe only ones on the market, with the POLISH ECO certificate.

  • 15 naturals vitamins and minerals
  • 50% more potassium than in bananas (696 mg /100g)
  • Natural source of energy
  • Low glycemic index (They can be consumed by diabetics)
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Without GMO, gluten and allergens
  • No pesticides
  • Best quality at the best price
  • Origin: Israel, kosher product
  • Available in closed packages with a seal,
  • Guarantee of freshness and purity of the product.
  • Highly rated:
  • GOLD MEDAL at the fair NATURA FOOD 2016
  • AUDIENCE AWARDat the fair Natura Food 2016
  • DISTINCTION – at the fair WorldFood Warsaw 2017
  • DISTINCTION – at the fair ECOTIME 2017


Tasty and healthy delicious

Dates have a sweet, pleasurable taste. They indulge your taste buds while maintaining your health, and are considered to be a super desert. Dates are low in fat (less than 0.5%), rich in nutritional ingredients, tasty and healthy. They are available all year round, and are convenient to eat.

When comparing dates to other popular deserts, one can easily see their advantages. Ice cream, for example, contains 40 times more fat than dates. Chocolate contains double the calories per 100 grams, and 100 times more fat than dates (the high fat rate in chocolate stems from saturated or trans fats). The date is suitable as an intermediate meal, for flavor enhancement of main courses, side dishes and salads, and as a valuable desert with no qualms.


No Preservatives

Dates grow in Israel and arrive into our mouths with no harmful preservatives such as sodium benzoate and sulfur dioxide, which are common in other dried fruit.

The dates’ natural composition cancels the need for preservatives, and cooling is sufficient for providing this fruit with long shelf life. Storing the dates in a household refrigerator or freezer will preserve their flavor and nutritional value for a long time.


A Winning Combination

Dates are composed of a natural ensemble of nutritional components that supply an important added value. The date contains natural sugars that provide the body with readily available energy. It contains a higher rate of protein than most other fruit (2.3 to 5.6%), is very low in fat (less than 0.5%), and contains large quantities of fiber. Fibers contribute to a sense of satiety, and may assist in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood and enhancing the proper functioning of the digestive system. The quantity of fiber in 100 grams of dates is higher than most fruits: up to 3 times higher than an apple and 5 times higher than a plum.



Clinical and epidemiological studies have demonstrated that antioxidants in fruits and vegetables have a role in preventing inflammation, heart disease, cancer and diseases connected to old age. A Norwegian study from 2002 found that the date is rich in antioxidants and that its antioxidant reaction is 4 times as high as that of a banana, and 8 times as high as an apple.


Vitamins and Minerals

The date contains 6 vitamins and at least 15 minerals, among them a fluoride ingredient that contributes to maintaining the proper health of teeth. The date is rich in phosphorous, calcium and magnesium (minerals that are important to proper bone structure) – up to 10 times more so than other fruits. It is also rich in zinc (which is required for a healthy skin, quick wound healing and growth) and in potassium (which assists in balancing blood pressure and is essential for the proper functioning of cells, the nerve system and the muscles). On a national survey conducted in Israel on the country’s health and nutritional status for 2001, it was found that the local population consumes, in average, about half the recommended daily allowance of potassium. The date, which is low in sodium, is one of the natural foods that are richest in potassium. It can assist in supplementing the lack of potassium and balance body fluids and blood pressure. Iron levels, which are essential in preventing anemia, are between 0.8 to 1.6 mg per 100 grams for most date cultivars; 5 times more than a banana and 10 times more than an apple or orange.


An Aid for Digestion

The date’s rich fiber content assists in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Fibers improve food passage through the system, and may assist in preventing diseases that have been linked to Western nutrition such as constipation, diverticulosis, and even colon cancer.



OrganicHouse – producer of organic food.

We are a Polish family company acting as a direct importer of organic fresh dates varieties MEDJOOL BIO from Israel and a producer of healthy food based on organic dates including DAKTYNELLA – Date cream with dates MEDJOOL BIO with the addition of coconut. Certificate of organic farming: AGRO BIO TEST: PL-EKO-07-17903

We have special conditions for cooperation for distributors, stores and wholesalers. We also invite restaurateurs and catering companies that will discover new opportunities to diversify their offers by using fresh dates MEDJOOL BIO.

Please contact us
OrganicHouse:,, +48.575.127.200